Saturday, July 25, 2009

AT LAST..."GODDA GET IT" music video. Song by No Surrender. Directed by Maya Erdelyi. copyright 2008.

"Godda Get It" music video to be released via publicity blitz campaign....look out..!

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Cynthia H said...


My name is Cynthia Hatfield and I'm a BFA3 Film/Video at CalArts. I received your email from the school about help on this upcoming music video but couldn't find an email address anywhere. I will look into contacting you another way too in case this isn't checked frequently.
I checked out the music and saw the Godda Get It video and and like it very much and am very interested in working in that vain. I have worked with green screen a lot and am very interested in editing (hoping for it to be a career path for me), and would enjoy trying claymation/special effects (but haven't had practice with those two yet, although I have done stop-motion).
I only have one other editing gig set up for Christmas break so I could dedicate a good amount of time if needed. And although I will be in Austin, TX and I haven't worked over the internet with someone yet, I would be very excited to try that.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you,
Cynthia Hatfield