Monday, December 8, 2008

OUROBOUROS prequel: How the Giantess turned from white to black. Starring contortionist Sandhi Ferreira.

OUROBOUROS animation 3/3. The Shadow Giantess dances with her doppelganger. Starring contortionist Sandhi Ferreira

OUROBOUROS animation 2/3. The Shaman Trickster is born and explores his bodily limits. Starring performer Evan Collier.

OUROBOUROS animation 1/3. A tale of regeneration and the circular nature of life.

Directed by Maya Erdelyi-Perez.
Performer: Evan Collier; Contortionist: Sandhi Ferreira;
Make-up/Airbrush Artist: Erica Pearce, Airbrush Textile Design: Malcolm Stuart; Assistant Animator: Gene Romero; Interns extraordinaire: Diana Ro, Greem Lee.
Shot at Seventh Heaven Studios, NYC.
Paper animation shot at Chashama North Artist Residency, New York. copyright 2008.